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Tri-Body Treatment Has Arrived!

My philosophy has always been that healthy skincare should be top-to-toe, not just focused on your face.  And that's why we've created Tri-Body Treatment,  the next product in our capsule collection designed to streamline your skincare routine.

 Tri-Body Treatment tube

So why a body treatment?  Increasingly, my clients are asking me to recommend a single treatment product for their body that addressed all their needs. But they didn't want to juggle with a multitude of products. They wanted one multitasking treatment product that ticked all the boxes!  From all-over dryness, flaky and irritated skin and dullness, to tightness, poor circulation, and even scars and acne, Tri-Body Treatment has been formulated to tackle all these issues in one.

The Benefits of Tri-Body Treatment For Luxurious Skincare

Tri-Body Treatment is a luxurious, multifunctional gel-to-milk formulation that cleanses, polishes and conditions skin gently but effectively.  But we didn't stop there!  We also wanted to address well-being, not just skin with this product. Modern lifestyle concerns, such as work-related stress, general anxiety, poor sleep quality and fatigue are something we all experience. Tri-Body Treatment contains a carefully chosen blend of well-being enhancing essential oils that help to create a spa-like sensory experience. It really is a product for the mind as much as for the body.

Tri-Body Treatment's Triple Action

Tri-Body Treatment is the ideal in-shower cleanser, exfoliator and conditioner.  With a melting texture, Tri-Body Treatment has been created with a blend of plant-based oils, reparative lipids, multivitamins and skin-brightening pomegranate seed extract to gently cleanse skin.  We've also added a combination of bamboo granules, papaya and mango enzyme to polish skin to perfection.  And to keep skin hydrated and even-toned, we've added seaweed extract and rice bran oil.

How to use Tri-Body Treatment

Suitable for all skin types, Tri-Body can be used morning or evening when you shower or bathe, and as often as your skin needs.  Simply squeeze a small walnut-sized amount of the gel into your palm and apply to damp or dry skin.  Add warm water and massage in using circular movements, inhaling the aroma of beneficial essential oils.  Rinse off with plenty of warm water and pat skin dry.  For a truly sensory experience, leave Tri-Body on longer and allow its therapeutic benefits to work their magic.  

Natural Skincare with Tri-Body Treatment Ingredients

Tri-Body Treatment contains a blend of naturally-derived ingredients harvested from plants, flowers marine extracts and herbs, all carefully selected for their therapeutic and skin-enhancing benefits.  We've included Black Pepper Essential Oil to promote circulation and to combat blemishes.  Bio-degradable and environmentally-friendly Bamboo Granules and Papaya and Mango enzymes act as a gentle exfoliant.  There's also fatty acid-rich Poppy Seed and Rice Bran Oils, both of which are nourishing, skin plumping and protect against free-radical damage.  Vetivert,  Lime and Ylang Ylang Essential oils are both skin-nurturing and mood-enhancing, helping to relax and soothe as you shower or bathe. For more on our ingredients, go to About Tri-Body Treatment.

We hope you love Tri-Body Treatment as much as we do!

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       Photography by Sam Grady

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