Meet Our New Multitasking Skincare Hero - Tri-Spritz

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Whether you're already familiar with Tri-Balm or are new to Formulae Prescott, your beauty routine will benefit from Tri-Spritz. The second and newest arrival to our capsule skincare collection, Tri-Spritz has been designed with the demands of a fast-paced modern lifestyle in mind.



Focused on streamlining and simplifying your daily skincare, both Tri-Balm and Tri-Spritz have been inspired by my experience as a leading make-up artist and facialist – and in response to the desire for a pared-down beauty routine and the needs of my clients. Whatever their age, gender or profession, they all shared the similar desire for a simpler, daily routine without compromising on the results. This was the challenge that inspired the creation of Tri-Balm: a luxurious cleansing balm that also exfoliates and moisturises in one simple step. And judging by the response – Tri-Balm has definitely hit the skincare spot!


Why you need Tri-Spritz in your beauty routine

If you're a fan of fast, easy-to-use but effective skincare, Tri-Spritz has your name on it! Following in the footsteps of Tri-Balm, Tri-Spritz is all about simplifying your daily skincare routine and minimising the number of products on your bathroom shelf or in your wash-bag. How? It delivers three key benefits in one easy-to-use mist, so you can literally spritz-and-go! Not only does it boost cellular repair, it acts as a shield against pollution with the additional benefit of setting and freshening make-up throughout the day. Designed to to be used on its own, or in tandem with Tri-Balm, Tri-Spritz has been formulated with premium, plant-based ingredients that promote cellular repair, protect from pollution, and provide an invisible film to set make-up. I've been road-testing it on shoots and using it on my clients, including the England Women's Football Team, and the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive.

Boost Cellular Repair

To regulate cellular health, neutralise free radicals, support tissue recovery and hydrate, we've used a combination of Coconut Water, Chuffa Milk, White Tea, White Nettle, and White Lupin Seed. And to give you a sensory 'boost' throughout the day, soothing Rose Water, calming Verbena and uplifting Orange Blossom work their combined magic to enhance feelings of well-being so that you can keep calm – and carry on!

Protect Skin From Pollution

Tri-Spritz really is your daily skin defender. Algae harvested from pure spring water creates an effective, invisible environmental barrier to shield skin from the damaging effects of pollution.

Set Your Make-Up

Mist on Tri-Spritz to prime skin before applying make-up or on top to fix it in place. Tri-Spritz contains natural cellulose derived from tree bark which forms a weightless, transparent film that ensures make-up stays the day.

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Photography by Peter Christensen; Hair and Make-Up by Frances Prescott at S Management; Art direction and styling by Karena Callen at S Management. Still life photography by Ian Skelton.



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