The Surprising Benefits of Pumpkin for your Skin

Posted by Pauline Prescott on

As we head into October, and the seasons start to turn, nothing says Autumn like pumpkins!  Halloween costumes, doorstep decorations, pumpkin soup and bright orange colours spring to mind. However, not many people think of this versatile vegetable when it comes to skincare - which is surprising because pumpkins offer a remarkable number of benefits.

Our hero product Tri-Balm boasts a blend of natural ingredients, including a pumpkin enzyme which work to gently exfoliate and instantly smooth and brighten the skin. The pumpkin enzymes are the proteins that help the fruit ripen, and when applied to the skin cleanse dead cells right from the inner layer of the epidermis, gently removing the outer layer and penetrating deeply due to their small molecular structure. These nutrients do everything from hydrating to repairing damage from the inside out. Pumpkin enzyme is also gentle enough for daily use since it only exfoliates at a dermal level breaking down dead cells so you can't over exfoliate your skin making pumpkin enzymes uniquely suited for sensitive skin types because it is so very gentle but still really effective.

The antioxidants in pumpkin enzymes help soften the skin, boosting collagen production and zinc helps control oil production and accelerate the healing process making it a wonderful product for acne prone skin. Also, it stops the excessive production of sebum and improves the skin's hydration retaining barrier, giving a more radiant complexion.

Furthermore because of its high content of magnesium, zinc, and antioxidants, pumpkin is especially useful in preventing the signs of aging. It promotes moisture retention and improves the skin’s elasticity.

Mother Nature’s own work, without manmade chemicals or synthetics, means this ingredient has no harmful effects on normal skin; hence it is safe to use without a second thought and even helps combat free radicals, the skin-damaging molecules in our environment such as light, smog, cigarette smoke, and fried foods. The vitamin C and beta-carotene in pumpkin are both nutrients that reverse UV damage. 
In summary, this miracle ingredient that targets dullness, dryness, sun damage, aging and acne should definitely be given more credit than its due, as a merely seasonal addition to the doorstep or table.

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