We've Won GOLD and SILVER in the 2020 Beauty Bible Awards!

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We're over the moon that Tri-Balm has scooped not one, but two awards in this year's Beauty Bible Awards.  Founded by renowned beauty editor,  Jo Fairley and respected health writer, Sarah Stacey, authors of the global best-selling book The Beauty Bible (first published in 1996), these prestigious beauty industry awards are in their 24th year, and are going from strength to strength. 

Receiving the Awards from Jo and Sarah, two of the most iconic women in the beauty industry, is such a fantastic accolade, especially as I remember buying my copy of the first edition of the Beauty Bible when it came out!


The Beauty Bible Awards

What's unique about The Beauty Bible Awards is that they are not judged by industry insiders, but by consumers – real women who actually road-test all the products that they vote for.  Over the years, Jo and Sarah have recruited over 20,000 women to trial products making it the biggest-ever consumer beauty survey to be carried out. Over 1000 testers took part in this year's awards, with every product trialled by 10 women, often over several months to measure improvements and monitor performance.

Tri-Balm Scoops a Gold and Silver for Best Balm Cleanser and Face Mask

So we're incredibly proud that Tri-Balm not only came out with Gold (Joint) Award for Best Cleanser Balm, it was also awarded Silver for Best Face Mask too. Proof that it really does live up to its multitasking promise. This is what the Beauty Bible team had to say about Tri-Balm in the cleansing balm category; “ Tri-Balm is an almost entirely natural triple-action product in the form of a twist-up stick of sunflower, sweet almond oil and hyaluronic acid (given texture by beeswax). Smooth into skin, to melt away make-up – and also enjoy its exfoliating effect, as pumpkin enzymes gently remove dead skin cells without the need for beads or particles. The ‘tri’ in the name is because it can also be used to nourish and moisturise, as required.  A perfect ‘festival’ multi-tasker, but first and foremost a stonkingly good cleanser, is our testers’ verdict.”

Tri-Balm was also tried-and-tested as an intensive face mask, winning a Silver Award in this highly-competitive category.  And here's what the team said;  “The 'Tri-Balm' in the name suggests three separate actions for this twist-up stick of balm, created by a Whitstable-based make-up-artist-turned-superfacialist. It cleanses (Tri-Balm scooped Gold in that category), moisturises and works as an exfoliator. But we trialled it as a face mask and we've discovered a FOURTH action – because Tri-Balm earned a Silver Award when layered generously on skin, to be left on for 10 or so minutes before removing. Pumpkin seeds exfoliate, hyaluronic acid plumps, while the blend of starflower, sweet almond and borage oils nourish. This really IS a desert island 'find'...”  

We truly believe that Tri-Balm is a 'hero' beauty product, but it's always brilliant to get unbiased feedback, especially when it's so positive!  

Read more about Beauty Bible Awards 2020 awards and their testers' verdicts on Tri-Balm here.

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