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Whether you’re doing the whole, overnighting, shebang or just a day stop at a festival – there’s a few essentials you’ll need regardless of the weather to help protect, nourish and pamper you. If you’ve watched my recent vlogs, you would have seen I’ve been making the most of the INSANE English weather this summer and have got my booty outdoors for dancing, sun set watching and camping. Being able to pack efficiently is definitely a useful skill to acquire, particularly if it’s a last minute affair, as summers tend to be!

With that, I’m sharing my handbag faves, washbag must haves and can’t-live-without overnighting essentials. From lightweight suncreams, luxe, travel friendly perfumes and moisture, rich, skin treats; here’s a round up of my favourites this year!

First and foremost, you’re going to need a good cleanser and I’ve found the Tri-Balm by Formulae Prescott to be a multi-tasking wonder and totally invaluable this year! Compacted into a travel friendly stick, it acts as a gentle and nourishing cleanser, exfoliant and moisturiser all in one. Smudge over your face to erase the day and treat your skin, all whilst relaxing with the beautiful scent. A perfect end to a busy day. Micellar water is a must, especially for the glitter fiends out there and I’m loving the compact version of Bioderma’s Micelle solution. Purifys and cleanses – I love using this to get the bulk of my makeup off before a deep cleanse! For a deeper hit of freshness for your face, try Erborian’s Bamboo shot sheet mask, which equates to using half a bottle of serum on your skin! Soothed, plumped and recharged ready for what the rest of your week brings!

Not forgetting the all important mane – Kiehl’s silk grooming serum is fab for taming frizz and infusing strands with oils – perfect for overstyled hair and dry ends! It also goes without saying, look after your teeth! I always keep these handy floss sticks in my handbag (How cute is the little case they come in?!) and always pack a couple of Mini toothpastes (ALWAYS something I forget!) I’m loving the Arm & Hammer Simply Natural one which is also vegan and 96% naturally derived!

I‘m a girl that’s nothing short of anything you need when it comes to my handbag. I take handbag packing VERY seriously and I like to be well prepared for the day ahead! Particularly, I love things that revitalise, refresh and perk me up for the rest of the day. I normally have a serious selection of travel friendly perfumes to hand (one for every mood, duh) Currently obsessed with the Roger & Gallet Feuille De Figuier fragrant wellbeing water, it’s crisp, light and long lasting and
I love to spritz it all over my self, hair and clothes!

My fave way to perk up my makeup, should it be heading south – is to dab on a little something gold, to give me a Coachella esque glow! I’ve been using the Pur Cosmetics eye polish both in the centre of my lids, as well as cupids bow, bridge of the nose and cheekbones, for a freshly sun kissed hint to my skin! It’s applicator is also super compact and travel friendly, with no spills! To further brighten the eyes, dab Decleor’s eye cream to erase dull circles and instantly look more awake and radiant!

Things that you will SERIOUSLY thank yourself for cramming into your bag. Sweat, dancing, humidity = hair disaster. ALWAYS have a travel can of Bastiste for a mid-day touch up and volume hit (Tropical is my fave for the summer!) For an instant cool down and skin refreshener – The Institut Esthederm Cellular water mist is as powerful as a serum, all in a mist. Reap the skincare benefits and cool yourself down at the same time – the next best thing to a shower on the go! Always, ALWAYS, protect your skin (prevention, not the cure!) The Malin & Goetz 30SPF moisturiser is handbag friendly and the best formula I’ve tried (hello non greasy, lightweight protectant!) For your body, treat it to Institut Esthederm Adaptasun Protective, Silky body mist – protects, optimises natural tanning and is beautifully scented. Bonus points for being water and sweat proof – so you can dance away with no worries.

Don’t even think without leaving the house without Hand Sanitiser (Grab a deliciously scented one for extra brownie points, like this Carex Bubblegum one!) Save yourself and your feet and prevent blisters with a discovery I found the other day – the Compeed stick helps prevent blisters before they’re even there (hallelujah!) Last but not least, I love popping a pack of the Femfresh wipes in my handbag and washbag, to keep you feeling your best, regardless of how hot and humid it gets! Plus the packaging is tres instagrammable!

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