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About Tri-Spritz

Introducing our updated Tri-Spritz with our classic Geranium and Mandarin fragrance and updated formulation

New formulation Tri-Spritz multi-functioning anti-oxidant treatment mist has nourishing and reparative properties which hydrate, strengthen and condition the skin, whilst offering an anti-pollutant shield and blue light protection. 

Tri-Spritz is formulated to tackle and target modern-day skincare needs and stresses. A multi-tasking treatment mist, Tri-Spritz is your go-to daily defence.

REPARATIVE: Reparative Coconut Water hydrates skin whilst Chufa Milk with omega-3 moisturises. White Tea and White Nettle with a Lupin seed extract visibly soothe, calm and firm the skin. Free radicals are neutralised whilst Mandarin is anti-bacterial and Geranium tones and tightens.

ANTI-POLLUTION: Peach Flower fights against the oxidated stress induced by pollution. It prevents damage keeping the skin radiant, young and healthy. Makiswell Film acts as a protective barrier to the skin, further protecting it from free radicals.

BLUE LIGHT PROTECTION: Superox-C AF offers blue light protection, protecting skin from oxidated damage, and maintaining the skin’s integrity. This botanical ingredient improves radiance, luminosity and brightness, reducing redness and the appearance of wrinkles. 

What is Tri-Spritz?

A multi-purpose mist that promotes cellular repair, is an anti-pollution shield, and has a make-up setting functionality.

Is it suitable for all skin types?

Yes, Tri-Spritz is suitable for all skin types and beneficial even if you don’t wear make-up.

When should I use it?

This is an all-day, every-day mist. Use it in the morning under and over make-up to prep and set. Then reapply throughout the day whenever you want to rehydrate and refresh. Its anti-pollution properties will shield your skin from environmental pollutants. It can be used at night, when the tannins, flavonoids and astringents will work to sooth and calm the skin.

Tri-Spritz is also a rescue remedy for common ailments. If you need to depuff the eye area, put it in the fridge and then spray it onto cotton pads to use as an eye mask. Thanks to its diuretic ingredients you can use it to release water retention in the legs and to soothe aching muscles. Finally, it will have a calming effect on heat rash.

How do I use Tri-Spritz?

Spray approximately 10 inches from your face, then allow to ’set’. There’s no need for blotting.

The spritz is designed primarily as an anti-pollutant shield and hydrator, with the added benefit of setting make-up. Because it’s designed to be used throughout the day to protect your skin, we created a formula with a natural fragrance that disperses quickly on application. This way, it won’t interfere with a scent that you’re already wearing.


This is an all-day skin anti pollutant treatment mist. Use in the morning under or ​over makeup. Rehydrate and refresh throughout the day. Use at night to soothe and calm skin.


Spray about 25cm from face and leave.


Put in fridge and spray onto cotton pads to de-puff eyes. Spray onto legs to soothe any swelling. Great on planes and at high altitudes. Combat heat rash and cool and calm the skin anywhere on your body.

Key Ingredients

All our formulas are consciously crafted from organic, active ingredients that deliver multiple benefits and transformative skin results.

Almond Oil

Rich in Vitamin A and gently removes impurities


Contains vitamins and antioxidants to moisturise, cleanse and smooth skin


Helps to brighten the skin

Poppy Seed Oil

Rich in antioxidants protecting the skin from free radical damage


Rich in Vitamin C to nourish and brighten the skin

Sea Buckthorn Oil

Rich in Vitamin E which deeply hydrates and plumps the skin

Oat Oil Lipids

Heals and moisturises the skin